Newbie Guide

Mar 30


1.Before Fighting
A.After entering the game, click "Lobby" and go to the next step.
B.Create a chamber
a.Click the button "Create" on the Lobby view to create a chamber.
b.There are 3 chamber modes: Fight, Practice and Boss. Choose a mode you like and get ready to fight.
C.Join a chamber
Select the chamber that is not started in the chamber list to join other gamers.
D.Select cards
Click the button "Edit" when entering the chamber. Choose the cards to form your team.
2.Start to fight
A.In a chamber of "Fight", the Host can start the match right after other gamers are "Ready", while in a chamber of "Practice", the Host can start the match only when the members of both teams are equal and "Ready".
There are 2 ways to summon your cards. You can click the card either with the left mouse button or with the keyboard shortcuts. Drag the card to the grid where you'd like to place. The keyboard shortcuts are numbers from 1 to 0, representing the cards from left to right respectively. You can click 1 to undo the shortcuts.

3.About Skills
A.Acquire skills
Skills are acquired by consuming certain Talent Points in Talent Tree. You can get one Talent Point upon each level upgrade. There are active skills and passive skills. Passive skills can increase the attributes of gamers and cards, while active skills can be applied in the match. 
B.Apply skills
The active skills activated will be shown at the bottom of the view in the match. Click the skill you want to apply it by consuming Magic Points. Each skill has a cooldown period before it can be applied again.
After entering the game, you can click the "Night Owl" or the shortcut of "Task" at the bottom right corner of the city. Then you can check the Main Tasks, Side Tasks and Daily Tasks. Finish them and you will gain Gold, Exp, Honor, different tools and cards.