Server Shutdown Notification

Nov 22


Dear players,


Thanks for your great support to Elfender since its launch on ClapAlong. We feel so sorry to inform you that ClapAlong will shut down all servers of Elfender at 14:00 on Dec 20, 2013* to meet our company's need of the strategic development. By then, players cannot log in to the game anymore. ClapAlong will keep on providing high-quality services for the players till the end. Hope you can still enjoy yourselves in the last period of Elfender. You are always the brave warriors on ClapAlong.


Schedule of Server Shutdown

1. The recharge function will be shut down at 14:00 on Nov 22, 2013*.

2. From 16:00 on Dec 20, 2013(GMT+8), ClapAlong will terminate the operation of Elfender.

(1)Shut down all servers of Elfender and delete all game data.

(2)Close the Forum and all the customer services, including the Service Center, Service Mail, etc.



Although Elfender will be left in our good memories, players can continue to experience the same enjoyment in ClapAlong's another game Biz Tycoon. We are offering elaborate gifts to all the loyal players in Biz Tycoon.


>>>>>Click to Read the Compensation Details <<<<<<

At last, ClapAlong express sincere gratitude again and hope all the players can continue to enjoy ClapAlong's games. We will keep on providing players with endless enjoyment!


ClapAlong reserves all rights for final explanation.



Shutdown Time of Recharge Function

14:00:00 Fri. Nov 22, 2013 (GMT+8; Perth Time);

22:00:00 Thur. Nov 21, 2013 (PST);

01:00:00 Fri. Nov 22, 2013 (EST);

06:00:00 Fri. Nov 22, 2013 (GMT).


Shutdown Time

14:00:00 Fri. Dec 20, 2013 (GMT+8; Perth Time);

22:00:00 Thur. Dec 19, 2013 (PST);

01:00:00 Fri. Dec 20, 2013 (EST);

06:00:00 Fri. Dec 20, 2013 (GMT).