Christmas Special Offer

Dec 24


Merry Christmas, players of Elfender! We are offering rewards for accumulative recharging during this beautiful season. You can receive loads of Diamonds to improve the abilities of your elves and monsters by reaching certain recharge amounts! Participate in this exciting event for your chance at being top player of Elfender!


Duration: 00:00 on Dec 24 to 23:59 on Dec 31, 2012*


Server: All Servers


Rules: During the activity if a player's accumulated purchases of Diamonds reach a certain amount, he/she will receive rich rewards after the activity ends.



Accumulated Purchase of Diamonds


500 Diamonds

50 Diamonds

1,000 Diamonds

200 Diamonds

2,000 Diamonds

600 Diamonds

4,000 Diamonds

1,600 Diamonds

10,000 Diamonds

5,000 Diamonds


Note: Eligible players can only receive the rewards ONCE. For example, if your accumulative recharge amount reaches 2,500, you can only receive the rewards of 600 Diamonds. The rewards will be delivered to eligible players within 5 working days via in-game mails after the activity ends.



Start Time

00:00:00 Mon. Dec 24, 2012 (GMT+8; Perth Time);

08:00:00 Sun. Dec 23, 2012 (PST);

11:00:00 Sun. Dec 23, 2012 (EST);

16:00:00 Sun. Dec 23, 2012 (GMT).


End Time

23:59:59 Mon. Dec 31, 2012 (GMT+8; Perth Time);

07:59:59 Mon. Dec 31, 2012 (PST);

10:59:59 Mon. Dec 31, 2012 (EST);

15:59:59 Mon. Dec 31, 2012 (GMT).

ClapAlong Team